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          Heal the Feminine Principle &
           Embody the Earth’s Wisdom
            with Divine Nourishment


Food is a powerful doorway into a vast, transformational ride
beyond your wildest dreams.

                        Do you need support healing, reclaiming,
                                    and nourishing yourself?

If you are a woman who:

  • Does her best to nourish herself and family in a healthy, sustainable way.
  • Cares about the future of our Mother Earth and all who inhabit her
  • Sometimes feels overwhelmed and powerless to support the changes YOU and our Mother Earth need for greater transformation
  • Feels like you have lost your solid ground in which to stand
  • In need of unconditionally loving, compassionate arms to hold you during these times of deep transformation
  • Has trouble accessing your inner wisdom to guide you
  • Longs for someone to reflect and honor your magnificence
  • Gives more than you receive
  • Wants to go deeper, empower yourself, and embody your Earth-Wise Woman that is self similar to our Mother Earth

Returning, Owning, and Embodying your self similarity with our Sacred Mother Earth offers all this AND a Divine connection that your body and soul longs for.

I have devoted my life to learning how to ride this natural wave of transformation, reclaim the feminine principle, Earth-Wise Medicine Woman, and heal the ability to “Receive” nourishment on all levels.

As a result of this archetypal journey my Divine Nourishment programs give you step by step support to :

  • Heal your relationship with our Mother Earth and ground yourself in loving, compassionate, nourishing arms.
  • Nourish yourself guided by her seasonal wisdom, articulated through the 5 elements
  • Heal your receptive feminine principle so you can receive nourishment on all levels, including Divine Guidance
  • Show up with unconditional love for your inner child and soothe it’s fears
  • Dismantle old belief structures that keep you creating the same old patterns
  • Reclaim lost and rejected aspects of yourself
  • Open the door to your Earth-Wise Medicine Woman
  • Heal the old rage toward the masculine
  • Heal the shame around your sexual, creative energy

When we heal and embrace these rejected aspects, and ground ourself on the natural wave of transformation with seasonal foods we can create a new paradigm that honors us all in our entirety.

Divine Nourishment supports you to do just that step by step through my book Divine Nourishment, A Woman’s Sacred Journey with Food, Virtual Classes, and Retreats
I am passionate about supporting women to reclaim these valuable aspects of themselves and heal their ability to “Receive.”
I hope you will join me for one of my many offerings

Mary Lane

"Mary Lane’s weekend retreat has fed me on all levels. We had a full weekend of gathering wild, edible plants, learning about them, and eating delicious meals prepared with them. After learning about the nutritional and medicinal benefits of some of these plants and journeying to the spirits of these plants, I have gained a new respect for what they have to offer us and feel the need to honor them in a way I had never felt before. During the course of the weekend Mary lovingly taught us about the different aspects of the Divine Mother—the many ways she nurtures and loves us, and heals and empowers us as women who are learning and willing to claim our own power. We also had many light moments of laughter and play, especially while we were beautifying ourselves with Mary’s wildcrafted facial lotions, scrubs, and creams. This was a weekend of sharing, learning, laughing, and eating—what we as women from all walks of life need in order to nurture our hearts and souls. Mary was a master at initiating and allowing all of this to unfold for us."

~ Georgie

"I have been "devouring" your book :-) I wanted to thank you particularly for such Heartfelt sharing that you did last Sunday at the Southeast Women’s Herbal Conference. You so keenly articulated so many of my own instincts about nourishment and nourishing, and while I have followed the Wheel of the Year for quite some time now, I feel an even more intense connection and awareness from things you were the catalyst for both at the conference and since reading and meditating on your book this week.

Thank you for the infusion you each gave me at the conference."


~ Theresa EagleHeart


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From the Greater Self, in the Beginning, came Space.
From Space came air; out of Air, Fire; out of Fire,
Water, and from Water came Solid Earth. From Earth
arose all Living Plants and from them came Food.
The Body, composed of the Essence of Food, is the
Physical Aspect of the Greater Self.

– Taittriya Upanshad
"Mary Lane infuses her cooking, her thinking, her dance on this earth with exquisite feminine grace and wisdom."

– Gabrielle Roth, author of Sweat Your Prayers & creator of 5RHythms®

"Mary Lane is passionate in her work, study and teachings of her understanding of inter-connectedness of nature. The knowledge that comes from the feminine tradition pours through her as water falls. Her knowledge of flower essences, plant spirits and the five elements of cooking are of great depth."

– Nam Singh
, Chinese Herbalist &
5 Element Teacher/Nutritionist
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I enjoyed your session on the World Summit. I found that your words resonated with me more so than any other speaker that I have listened to. I finally understand the disconnect that has been frustrating me for so long. I have participated in so many online summits, read hundreds of books, tried numerous diets and cleanses but always ended up where I started from, frustrated!!!

I believe that you gave me the piece of the puzzle that has been missing all along, or maybe you just put it in better words that I could understand. I realize now that I have been educating myself and going through the motions and steps without ever being able to "receive"!! I thought I was a victim of "to much information" and that is why I never applied it to my life. I also began to think that I was just lazy; had the education but no ambition, even though it is a passion of mine to learn all that I can about health and nutrition.

Thank you so much for helping me understand that no matter what I learn or what my passions are, I need to step back into my feminine and learn to receive!! Wow, I feel like a wall has been lifted from my shoulders!!!!

Thank you!! I wish you all the blessings that nature has to offer!!!

– Stephanie
Hi Mary!

I just have to express to you how much your book "Divine Nourishment" is touching my life. A dear friend gave it to me just before a trip to the ocean. I soaked it in with awe and wonder as I listened to the music of the sea and felt cradled by Mother Earth's magic. Your deep wisdom has shed the most beautiful light on my spiritual path, that has truly ignited by being in nature. I've recently read Shonagh Home's marvelous book " Ix Chel Wisdom" and Drunvalo Melchizedek's "Serpent of Light", and your book illuminates these concepts further in such a profound and culminating way for me.

I just want to thank you from the heart for the incredible gifts you give our world! I will look forward to your newsletter tremendously. Specifically, I'd love your advice on adapting best to the changes in our world.

I'm starting to cook from your book and feeling so empowered about the feminine experience. Thank you for articulating so beautifully what we women go through and why. I've just read your blog too - it is beautiful!

with much gratitude and admiration,

– Suzanne
reconnecting with nature