Day: October 4, 2010

Fall, Honoring, Letting Go

We are obviously going through a collective transformation. Our lack of respectful relationship with our physical world has hit a critical stage. For some it has been a catalyst for an awakening and are taking steps to rectify this. I’m one of the many who have discovered this is as a life path. The movement in this direction is gaining momentum at an exciting pace. Being a part of this transformation and finding our gifts that contribute to this momentum is an exhilarating honor.

Believe it or not we have support in how to navigate this deep transformation from the very being we are trying to save. Our Mother Earth. Nature goes through a life, death, rebirth transformation every yearly cycle in an intelligent way that supports the continuation of life, and evolution. This is not news to most. However, what many are just beginning to realize in the modern world is that our human journey is a self similar reflection of this natural process, not just as a physical being who is born, lives and dies, but as a spiritual being who is growing as well. When we align with it in how we live, eat and think our physical, emotional AND spiritual growth is supported by an immensely intelligent Divine being. Maybe our Mother really does know what she is talking about.

So how does this relate to our daily lives in a practical way that we can wrap ourselves around and put into practice? A basic step toward aligning with this natural map for transformation is to eat organically grown seasonal local foods with appropriate cooking methods. These foods embody the energetic qualities for aligning with this natural seasonal energetic wave of transformation where we live.

Natural seasonal local foods support us to go inward when nature does, come out when nature does, let go of what no longer serves us, use it as compost, just as nature does, reap our harvest as a result of it, rebuild, reflect and spring forward with a new awareness of who we are while honoring the process of life continuing as a result of a death of some kind. Whether it be the death of an old belief system, the death of a cycle in our life, the death of a plant or animal to nourish us so we can take this journey, or the eventual death of our body.

The collective transformation we are going through now is creating the death of a massive societal set of beliefs and actions. We can let go of these old beliefs and naturally evolve to a higher consciousness in which to build a modern society that aligns with our natural world–the world that is already here, waiting for us to honor enough to actually live by her wisdom. This does not mean we all need to retreat to the woods and darn our skids. This energetic flow is available, accessible and applicable everywhere.

Natural seasonal, local foods are being harvested not only on rural farms, but inner city community lots. Local farmers markets are cropping up in communities of all sizes. The energy around this is building at a rapid pace that is awesome. Preserving local foods in ways that support the warming of our body in the colder months instead of eating the same foods grown in the opposite hemisphere and shipped will support us to stay aligned with the energetic qualities of the current season.

In the Taoist 5 Element System fall is a time for letting go after the harvest of the previous cycle and prepare ourselves to enter the winter months. When we can trust this process we can receive the gifts waiting for us in the winter months. When we can honor all the seasons of the year and our life the ride is much more enjoyable.

When we honor the Earth and eat the foods according to her wisdom we embody her wisdom. That is when we can honor our own body’s wisdom enough to trust it to know what it needs when regardless of what the latest diet trend is.

When we are aligned with the current of the Earth’s natural creative energy we can let go and trust the current to carry us through this cycle. We just have to show up and allow. We can enjoy the journey with all it’s flavors.