Fall Tonic

This is a fall tonic I created that my students fell in love with. I was lucky enough to be able to gather the herbs in the wild and use lemon verbena from my garden, which brought a powerful wild life force to the tonic. Combine dried herbs and flax seeds. Store dried herb mixture in a glass jar with tight-fitting lid. Make an infusion steeped with boiled water for a cup of tea. One or two cups of this tea a day supports you during the fall months. It is in my book, “Divine Nourishment.”

1 cup Nettles

1 cup Goldenrod

1/2 cup Lemon Verbena/or Lemon Balm

1/2 cup Mugwort

1 cup Mullein

1/4 cup Flax Seed

Nettles — Enriches liver yin, nourishes and cleanses the blood, relieves fatigue, regulates metabolism, restores adrenals and thyroid, restores lungs, promotes expectoration, relieves coughing, promotes detoxification, clears eczema, reduces tumors, dissolves deposits and stones. Drains fluid congestion in liver and kidneys, relieves edema.

Goldenrod — Relieves chronic skin conditions, resolves toxicosis, nourishes and restores the kidneys, clears bladder and kidney damp heat, reduces intestinal infections.

Lemon Verbena —  Supports digestion, lemon flavor nourishes the liver.

Mugwort — Supports the movement of stuck energy, tonifies chi, stimulates digestion, drains fluid congestion, promotes sweating, dispels wind damp/cold, clears damp heat, reduces inflammation and clears intestinal parasites.

Mullein — Nourishes lung yin, moistens dryness, relieves coughing, promotes expectoration, resolves phlegm, circulates lung chi, clears damp heat, clears toxic heat, removes lymph congestion and benefits the skin

Flax Seed — Strong source of omega-3, anti-oxidant, supports the intestines to cleanse and matter to slide through.

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