Happy Solstice Morning

It is Solstice morning. I started my day in prayer, sitting, feeling, open in deep prayer. What is this day to bring? How is this day to shift my consciousness from the old to the new? What am I to opening to?

Leading up to this morning has been a long arduous journey through the dark crevices of my shadow. The Dark Goddess shining a light unmercifully on the hidden beliefs that have steered my life. It was a journey that was necessary in order to prepare myself for the gift of this new consciousness available for the turning of our times.

My 60th birthday, the full moon lunar eclipse set quite a stage for doing the shadow work necessary to open the way for a new way of being.

I had to face my core belief that I was rejected by the world. I was not lovable. No one wanted my gifts. I was alone in the world, separated from love. It took a very deep dive to uncover these feelings. I had them well covered up by layers upon layers that kept me from feeling the pain and grief of these beliefs that I carried into this life. I have carried this since the feminine was alienated from our world. It has played out on a personal level as my life was built upon these beliefs. Needless to say, when I was finally strong enough to make this deep of a dive, it was a very dark night of the soul.

Writing and offering my book to the world was brilliant guidance. It pushed this old belief system into my face and saturated me in it. It became the vehicle and catalyst for healing. I had to offer it. It was a deep soul calling. I was designed to offer it. And it took me down into the underworld to reclaim and recover a very important and powerful piece of myself that has been waiting for a very long time.

A few years ago I was shown how the feminine and masculine principle were designed to work together. Honoring and claiming both these aspects in their essential qualities are needed to become whole. I was shown how the feminine was the receptor of Divine inspiration. She is the part of us that listens, feels and downloads the Divine. She gestates the inspiration and when she is ready to give birth, the masculine aspect of ourselves takes the action to put it into form. This is how we become co-creators with and as the Divine.

Around the same time I was shown this by ancient ancestors I was given another vision. There were many doors leading all the way back to the Source. There was a Feminine Goddess standing by each door. I was at the end of this long line standing next to a closed door. They kept saying, “Open the door.” As long as I was holding onto these old beliefs I could not open the door.

This morning on this most auspicious day of the solstice, the solstice of the ages, the solstice of the turning to the new world it all came flooding in. Those doorways are the gateways for Divine love to flow into our world. The feminine principle within us all is the chalice, open vessel for it to flow through. She is the part of us that opens the door. The masculine aspect of ourselves puts this Divine love into form and takes action with it. As co-creators we are the vessels for this Divine love to flow through as it takes many forms.

My prayer for this day forward, for myself is that I can strengthen this union of my Divine masculine and feminine. That my feminine can keep the door open, and with my masculine bask in the pure joy of the creation of the many forms this love can take. My prayer is that giving this freely takes me over, and I am rid of even the most minute residue hidden in the shadows to “give to get.” This sense of scarcity only gives strength to the old set of beliefs as the flow is dammed up by my expectations that are not met.

On this blessed Solstice morning I saw, felt and experienced the possibility of our new world bathed in this energy as everyone let go of these old beliefs hidden in the shadows that creates a sense of scarcity and fear. And through honoring these feminine and masculine aspects of ourselves in union, in love, we become the gatekeepers with open doors creating infinite forms of Divine love flowing freely, merely for the pure joy of feeling it flow through us and creating form with it.

2 comments on “Happy Solstice Morning

  1. Suzanne Hogan January 16, 2011 10:01 pm

    Thank you for your amazing wisdom, and thank you for sharing your shadow. So many of us feel rejected, separate, and that we don’t belong. This is one of my life stories. I’ve learned that this is the greatest gift in disguise. It has given me the power to be FREE, beyond convention, and beyond the limits we place in our world. Here’s to the incredible and unique gifts we all have to give when we are free! Wishing you a very Happy belated Birthday! I love reading your work : )

  2. Patricia December 21, 2010 7:07 pm

    Thank you for sharing your prayers !

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