Return of the Light

This is an auspicious winter solstice with the full moon lunar eclipse just hours before the peak of the solstice on Dec 21st. Many have gone through the dark night of the soul as we dipped down into the dark of the yearly cycle. If diligent, the gift of reclaiming a hidden aspect of ourselves in the dark crevices of our psyche was possible. Now as we approach the still point of the Solstice on the 21st we have the support of the Natural World, Cosmos, and everyone else who want to see us evolve, to bring this precious piece we have discovered up into the light as it returns. The slow ascent helps us to integrate and strengthen as the light strengthens. Be kind and patient with yourself, (I have to remind myself of this regularly) and you will indeed rise and rebirth yourself  as a more whole integrated person shining as bright as this white peacock!. Bless you for your willingness to take this journey to support yourself and the collective to grow and come out of the darkness.

The return of the light.

No, not the single, solitary flicker of a candle,

No, I am talking about the return of the light,

Shrieking through the sky

Ripping the darkness asunder

Burning, blasting, blistering light

With the power of thunderclaps

With the might of the sun

With a shock

With a charge

With a burst of pure light



Fear chasing

Courage giving

Faith evoking

Awe inspiring


Unstoppable power

Unquenchable fire

Return of the solstice light.

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