Earth Element & Late Summer

Everything comes to us that belongs

to us if we create the capacity to

receive it.

Rabindranath Tagore

Divine Nourishment Audio Introduction 

A student of mine sent this quote to me. It so embodies the many pieces I weave together to support the healing of our “receptive” feminine nature so we can receive the Divine Nourishment life is offering us on every level.

I know it has been, and continues to be the healing path I am on. I embody both the light and shadow side of this journey. It is obvious it is a key piece to our collective healing, and everyone has their own personal version of this to reconcile.

We are moving into late summer, the Earth element. The element that embodies the Great Divine Mother energy that graces us with compassion, nourishment, sensuality, a body, guidance, balance, safety, grounding, union and balance of our receptive, feminine, and active, masculine principles, and a place to experience this human journey so our soul can grow.

Is any of this different from what any healthy Mother would do? Having lost our connection with her over the last several hundred years has created much fear and pain in our collective.

It is exciting to see the world wide movement toward honoring our Mother, by changing our eating habits, and sustainable methods for living. We still have a long way to go, but many are moving down the correct trail, if we want to reconnect with our Mother Earth, and deepen our relationship with her.

Creating our capacity to receive is no less than healing our relationship with our Mother, feminine principle that has been shunned for two thousand years, and our conditioned belief structures that we are unworthy to receive life’s gifts. No small task.

Walking through life with a receptive posture takes nothing less than complete trust in our Divine Mother to care for us through her guidance, and our ability to receive it and act upon it.

This is a great time of year to practice balancing our ability to receive and take action. Ground ourselves in the delicious harvest of the many foods that come into season now. It is a wonderful time to open to the gifts our Divine Mother Earth is offering through her nourishment of food, music, friendships, and sensual pleasures. It is an optimum time to shift our perception from life happening to us, and participate in our own unfolding as she presents experiences to support our soul’s growth.

The 5 Elements have very specific energetic qualities. Through our awareness of these qualities, and grounding from the seasonal foods, we can identify and connect with our Mother’s wisdom. We can relate to what she is showing us about ourselves, what needs healing, what is magnificent about us, why we deserve to “Receive” her love, compassion, and nourishment.

The virtual courses I teach are all created to support our understanding of her language, wisdom, and heal our capacity to receive so we can  be empowered as co-creators.

The first course, “Introduction to 5 Element Nourishment” supports you to ground yourself in her wisdom, understand it, and nourish yourself aligned with it. It is the first piece of healing. We must heal our ability to ground ourselves in the nourishment of food, our bodies and our Mother Earth.

This opens a powerful doorway that allows us to be available to heal our capacity to “receive” by addressing our personal version of the collective wounding of our feminine receptive principle hidden in the shadows. The first course prepares you to ground yourself so you can and allow the healing possible in the second course, “Heal, Nourish & Honor the Feminine Within.”

These two courses then prepare you for opening to the natural creative process of giving and receiving. It is inherent in a healthy relationship with our sexual creative energy. It requires our receptive feminine principle and active masculine principle to be equal and honoring of what each brings to the creative process. They need to be alive, healthy and in union within each of us, no matter if we are make or female if we are to create a balanced life and society aligned and in harmony with our natural world. This is addressed after preparation from the first two courses in the third, “Food, Sex, Nature & the Art of Transformation.”

All three courses support you to ride the wave of creative energy through the natural seasonal map of transformation as a conscious participant. So we can move out of fear from feeling disconnected into awe from becoming aware of the incredible magic of the unfolding around us that is in direct support of our soul’s growth. What a different way to walk through life.

This does not mean you don’t meet challenges, pain, even hardship from time to time. What it means is we are connected and aware so we can garner the teaching available to us and we grow and evolve from it. We nourish our own bodies with foods that embody our Mother Earth’s wisdom, and we become both receptive and active participants in the Divine creative process. It all starts at the foundation, the grounding in our Mother Earth and her food.

This season can support you to reconnecting and ground yourself in her deep wisdom. Let go of feeling like a Motherless child in fear of your survival, take in the Divine Nourishment of life and open your heart to compassion for others. What a glorious season this is indeed.

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