Soul Food

We are use to thinking that food for the body and food for the soul are different forms of nourishment. Rarely do we consider that food has a far reaching affect on our whole being.

Take the most simple perspective of sharing food. Coming together in community with family and friends has been an important sacred ritual in every culture across the globe for eons. This ritual held the community together and reminded everyone what our Mother Earth provided for them. It is only recently in our modern culture that we have lost that sacred ritual. Along with it we lost our connection with our Mother Earth.

Our soul’s journey throughout our lifetime has been made possible by food. Without food we would not have a physical experience. It is the physical journey that supports our soul to grow and evolve.

Our connection with the environment in which we live, our Mother Earth, is vital to our soul’s growth. Obviously she considers her role as a nourisher of the utmost importance. She offers nourishment wherever we live in every form imaginable supporting our soul’s growth through our deep connection with her as she feeds our bodies from her own. She imbues our very cells with her love, consciousness and wisdom. She supports us to ground ourselves in her wisdom through the food she offers and provides a seasonal map for transformation, all made possible through food. When we nourish ourselves aligned with her wisdom we are very much indeed nourishing our soul.

The creative process of bringing the sensuality of flavors, textures, smells, colors, and medicine of food is a primal act that embodies our interconnectedness with our sacred world, which is necessary nourishment for the soul.

Enjoy the summer bounty, and feed your soul!

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