Spring is a time for rebirth. Bursting through the obstacles that hold us back is necessary for growth. We are at a time in history that we are doing this on a collective level to the degree some say is unprecedented. Why not use the force of the natural world to support us? It is the time of year the Earth’s energy is rising and she is giving birth to her next generation of seedlings. They are very vulnerable and tender at this stage of their new life. But within that vulnerability they never lose sight of who they were designed to become. They use a force to burst through the encapsulating seed, and the crust of the earth. They dare to be seen in the light of day and risk everything to become their true self, never wavering. Something to aspire to.

We are going through the same journey of transformation as the Earth. If we follow her lead, utilize her energy, and live in sync, our journey becomes much easier.

The force the plant kingdom uses in the spring to birth itself is similar to the energy of anger in our human world. Not anger that is destructive to self and others, but the anger that refuses to be held down and stuck in a prison of old limiting beliefs. The anger that says, “No, I will not put up with this any longer, I want something better for myself.” The anger that says, “ I will not live under the thumb of fear and control.” The anger that refuses to be held back and condemned to a life unlived. This is a healthy anger and supports you to burst through the obstacles that hold you back and keep you imprisoned by your own beliefs that you can not do anything about it.

I don’t think there has ever been a time that we need a healthy relationship with this energy more than now. The life of our earth and human race is depending on our ability to say, “Enough is enough of this old paradigm.” Without this force of energy we can not take action and thrust ourselves across the threshold of the doorway into another way of life.

When this energy is not used to keep us moving forward and breaking free from the old worn out mode of life it turns toxic and is either inflicted on others or turned inward creating disease, depression, resignation and unhappiness. When it is accessed and used properly it transforms into joy. Yes, it leads to joy as we experience our personal growth and freedom to express more our own unique expression of our true nature.

It makes sense that our liver and gallbladder, the organs that process toxicity in our bodies would relate to this emotion. Spring is the time to gently cleanse and nourish our liver to support our bodies to let go of what is keeping us “stuck.” Many people over cleanse and with dramatic cleansing programs. This can do damage to your liver and body. It is always about being kind and gentle to your body, no matter if it is a cleanse or other food related program. I have an easy, gentle spring cleanse in my book, “Divine Nourishment” if you do not already have one that works for you.




2 comments on “Spring

  1. Mary Lane February 9, 2012 4:02 pm

    Thank you so much Emma for your kind words. It’s music to my heart to know my words have touched you in some way. Yes, the full moon was a powerful one this month. I live on Maui and the ocean is outrageous like no other full moon passage I have seen. I think this will indeed be an auspicious creative cycle.

  2. Emma devi February 8, 2012 11:28 pm

    Hello Mary,

    I have been blessed with your grace now for the first time after coming across your site whilst in search of a name for my own vegetarian cooking blog.

    You have such a gift with words and feeling something out there that touches others. You just caught my mood and layed it out so beautifully. Yesterday saw the full moon rise and all that transformational creative power that has been waiting to come into being is finally ready.

    Thank you, and I will be subscribing and passing on your page details.

    All the best Emma

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