Spring & Anger

According to Chinese Astrology we have entered into the Wood Horse year, after two years of water element with the dragon and snake. They supported us to go inward and shed the skin of our past, and limiting beliefs about ourselves. And as shown in a myriad of ways, nature knows exactly what she is doing. These two years are followed by the Wood Horse, just like spring follows winter.

The energy is about moving forward. Giddeeup and go for it! To utilize this energy one needs an understanding of the wood element, and how to harness the energy. It is a powerful, magical energy that energetically supports you to become the unique expression you were designed to in the world. So I am sharing the following to hopefully help give you permission to saddle up, grab the reins, and ride this powerful energy in a healthy way.

Spring & Anger 

In winter, most of nature almost comes to a halt. Springtime is about bursting forward, taking birth, growing, unfolding.  The power of springtime is the power of the element WOOD.  The power of birth and growth.  It is a special magic.  Growth is that force that combines all the other elements.  Growth is the principle that combines the other 4 elements according to a special pattern, and comes up with something unique.  Wood is about unfolding that uniqueness, (our uniqueness) in the world – the power and upward thrusts in growth to overcome whatever obstacles there may be to unfolding the self.

Growth is a process of overcoming obstacles.  There is no growth without obstacles, and we need the power that springtime provides us.  The power of birth and growth come to their strongest point in spring, but it is also true that it goes on at all times of the year, and throughout our lives.  If you look at a tree, it is a wonderful example of the wood element.  Observe how it lives – continues to grow throughout its life.  When it stops growing, it starts dying – and this is true of us.

The forces of growth can be thwarted and unable to overcome the obstacles.  The process of birth, of labor is a lot of hard work – the obstacles require power to bring it about.  So when growth and self expression become thwarted, instead of creativity and unfoldment, those forces turn into anger.  Anger is one of the emotions that has a bad wrap, but anger is the power of growth.  It pushes you forward.  You need it to overcome obstacles that would prevent you from being reborn.  It is a bad situation if you can’t get appropriately angry.

If you can’t get angry, you become a doormat – there is no growth there.  After a period of growth being thwarted, that anger turns to resignation, and we begin to die from the inside out, like a tree rotting at its core.

Anger is what happens when the energy of wood becomes thwarted.  The emotional expression called anger is the energy of wood collecting itself to push through an obstacle.A blade of grass pushing up through the earth  ) – not anger, but the same energy. Giving birth – pushing through )

The force of wood manifests as unfolding of self.  You can call it the energy of creativity constantly in process of giving birth to ourselves, always pushing to unfold who we are, to take our place, to extend ourselves, proclaim ourselves – otherwise we wither up and die.

This energy is powerful, energetic, forceful, upward thrust – call it whatever you want – the power of creativity/in another phase, anger – both are true.

You see a tremendous distortion of wood in our society.  Any sane society considers one of the highest goals is to grow into elderhood – we have not had elders, the people who have grown through life and attained the fruit of growth, i.e. wisdom, one of the highest truths of life – so that the highest respect is paid to elders.

In our society, we are back to front.  We worship youth, and when people are past their prime consumer years, we toss them on the scrap heap.  There are no elders in our society, because there is no initiation of the young.

Wood and growth involves

• force, upward thrust

• orderliness and a pattern to it.

• the power of growth proceeds according to a vision of the future, a blueprint, a plan.  It combines the other elements according to that vision.

It is serious magic that the seed combines the other elements in a way that is totally true to form.  Those other elements can be combined in billions of ways, but it grows perfectly true to form – organized and orchestrated.

Wood gives us the power of vision.  Physical vision and the eyes are under wood, and the secretion that relates to wood is the tears. But vision is also of the mind and spirit.

Initiation in traditional societies is a ritual that is performed at a time of life around or after puberty.  Puberty is a moment which announces that the physical growth process is complete, that sexual maturity is achieved.  Therefore it is a time for the forces of growth to be guided into the mind and spirit. Initiation is the ritual by which the young are given the vision – the blueprint – for their own life – the unfoldment of their own spirit.

Growth needs to proceed along patterns of vision.  If we have no vision, growth becomes chaotic and uncontrolled, like cancer which is chaotic and uncontrolled growth.

In a way, our whole society is cancerous, always wanting unlimited uncoordinated growth.  Forces of growth in our society don’t have a chance of getting safely conducted into spirit, so we have uncontrolled material growth, leading to people dying of cancer, and the whole planet dying of cancer as well.

Our youth don’t get initiated, so they never grow up.  Most adults are spiritually adolescent living in a fantasy world of unlimited possibilities instead of going about the unfoldment of their gifts.  So we have no elders, just old people.

But we need elders to initiate our young people – so our young people have no vision, they are lost, frustrated, and dying of cancer.  Also because growth is arrested in adolescence by lack of vision, we are a culture worshipping adolescence.  We worship youth because we don’t have a vision of where to go after that.

So the role of wood and the power of growth in our society is very out of balance which creates problems and produces rage which turns into destruction.  The rage of our youth is getting worse. The force of growth has no place to go so it turns into rage.  It either turns against society or gets turned inward, and we destroy the self with drugs, traffic accidents, suicide, chronic degenerative illnesses – are all rage turned against the self.

ANGER:  People in our society manage anger poorly.  They grow up and are taught not to express anger or their parents withdraw love from them. This is devastating for kids.  The love of their parents is a matter of survival.  So they grow up with a distorted relationship to anger.  It is not acceptable.  Don’t express it because it threatens survival.

But unexpressed anger is unresolved.  Either it becomes explosive and we do harm to others, or it turns inward and harms the self through disease. Anger doesn’t go away, so we develop different strategies to deal with the situation of having it, but not being able to express it.  e.g. facade to hide anger – being unbelievably nice.

How to deal with anger:  Anger is one of five elemental energies, naturally in process of evolving into something else.  It only becomes problematic when we are not allowed to move into something else.  When we are not encouraged to express it in a healthy way, and think to have anger is bad.  We build up unrealistic ideals about it, e.g. to be saintly, well-balanced etc. means not having anger.  This is not true.  Not having anger means we are in trouble,  When it gets expressed, it gets a chance to move into the next thing which is JOY.

Nature provided us with a perfect way of discharging anger.  SHOUTING.  What is necessary is to express and discharge it, but not target anybody/anything. So shout, but not at anybody.  It makes it worse to direct it at somebody.  You can say what you want to say about that person, but not in front of them.  Shout on the highway.  Into a pillow.

If you have a problem with anger, it is helpful to develop the practice of shouting three to four times every day – it works miracles. It is a helpful practice whether or not you feel like it.  It is easy to deny anger. Shouting discharges the energy and helps it move on.


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