Month: March 2015

Overview of Nature’s Wisdom

Sustainable, local, organic, are currently common buzz words. Many people have been aware of the need for this lifestyle for quite some time. Many more join this revolution every day as they consciously make choices that have a nourishing supportive affect on the environment, their local communities, and their bodies. Thinking sustainable, local and organic is a giant step toward an appropriate relationship with our sacred earth.

Taken a step further we recognize that sustainability is not just something we do to the environment that has a positive outcome. Sustainability includes honoring the brilliance of this master teacher who has given us life out of her own body. Her creative design connects every living being as one becomes food for another. She creates balance and order with the life and death cycle, and has given us a map to live by that supports transformation as we align with the natural flow of life.

This map is laid out and reflected to us through nature, the physical expression of her brilliance. It is not enough to treat her more kindly as if she were someone separate that we are caring for. As any woman knows, she wants to be honored for her wisdom. She asks us to recognize that we are an integral part of her. Anything less than this simply will not do, for she is not a disempowered female that needs to be taken care of, but dismissed in her wisdom. Anyone who has ridden out a hurricane, survived an earthquake, or surfed a giant wave knows this is no twinkie goddess – and she runs with a rather formidable crowd.

When we align with her wisdom according to the surroundings we are rooted in it becomes apparent that what is happening in the natural world is also happening within our own internal world on every level. The more aligned we are, the more we become our essential selves, the more we feel held and supported by our Mother’s presence, and the more we feel a part of her, just as we did in her womb. Imagine what that would do for the fear level that pervades this world.

Each season has a distinct flavor that adds an ingredient necessary for this continual transformation and evolution to take place. Embracing her wisdom in its entirety is necessary for the yearly circle to spiral our awareness into our oneness of all there is and knowing of our immortality, uniting the physical and spiritual world as one.

Following is a summary of this map as one season flows into another creating a picture of the brilliant wisdom of our great Mother.

In Spring nature is birthing the seeds that gestated in her womb over the winter. The young shoots have a blueprint as to who they mature into. An acorn has no choice but to become an oak tree. Its fragile sprout in the spring has to push with all its might to rise above the surface so it can begin its journey to become its full potential. It has to overcome obstacles and dangers that could prevent it from surviving its journey at such a vulnerable time. Mother Nature provides the acorn with everything it needs to take this journey. Every animal, insect, weather condition, etc appears not by chance to support this seedling to become an adult living its fullest. This is just one small example of this design in the spring.

This time of year energetically supports us to do the same. We also have a blueprint that we are to become with the support of our life’s journey. Every plant, animal, insect, human, etc has a self similar unfolding in the spring whether it is physical, emotional, or spiritual. This unfolding happens multi-dimensionally on every level within us. This masterful design also has a self similar unfolding. There is the spring of ones life, the spring of each year, the dawning of each day.

There are the organ systems in the physical body that relate to this season. The liver and gallbladder govern particular emotions such as the force of appropriate anger to push through the obstacles that can hold one back from their life’s potential. We naturally reach for the sun, the light that will shine upon our own uniqueness and gifts. If we were to take this out even farther we would discover the master of each season that shows up as a prevailing elemental force that connects us all to this aspect of the universal piece of the puzzle on every single level.

Summer sets in and the vulnerable time of fragility has passed. The roots are more established. The small oak tree is relying on its relationships of the surrounding plants, animals, worms, insects, etc to support its growth and transformation into an adult tree. With no confusion about what it is, it doesn’t hold back its beauty. It can freely be who it is with the support of its surrounding community.

When aligned this is the time of year when we usually socialize more and express ourselves, our creativity peaks, we feel passionate about who we are and want to share ourselves in relationship to others. Just as many plants express their ultimate beauty with being in full leaf or blossom, we also naturally step out and share our beauty at this time.

The organ systems that govern this time of year are the heart and small intestine. They support our relationships and give us the ability to discern. When we are confident that we are guided by our hearts we don’t hold back so our creative, sexual energy flows in whatever is an appropriate expression for our time in life.

Some of the desert areas in nature dry up and become barren at this time. Everyone experiences this barren existence at some point on their journey of evolution. Our journey into right relationship with all there is nourishes our hearts and we flourish. Just as the small oak tree can not survive and become a strong healthy adult tree without the integrated support from its surrounding community, or the fruit tree can not produce fruit without the support of the pollinating creatures and elements, neither can we. Just as the small oak tree has overcome the obstacles in the spring and celebrates who it is designed to be in its full leafing, we naturally want to celebrate by sharing ourselves.

By the time late summer arrives we are ready to ground and center ourselves in who we are at this time of our lives. We stabilize and become comfortable with who we have become thus far.  We realize that we need to maintain a balance of how much energy is put out in the world and how much is needed for nourishing just ourselves. It is a time to start pulling in and digest the years’ unfoldment – who we have become. The organ systems that govern this season are the stomach and spleen. Without them we can not receive the nourishment or harvest of our efforts.

This is when the plants, including the oak tree begin to concentrate on the energy it will take to ripen the fruit of their harvest for the year, or the ripening and readying of their seeds for their next generation. Their leaves become a little duller, not so dazzling to others. They are down to business with the task at hand so they can contribute their gifts for the nourishment of their surrounding community and future generations.

As late summer turns into fall the great yearly cosmic lovemaking happens between our great Mother and Heavenly Father. It is a time to reflect and honor the gifts the essential masculine contributes to our existence. Many areas become alive with brilliant golden colors expressing through its vibrant, electric beauty that something very sacred is taking place. The union of this sacred relationship is consecrated. This is when there is perfect balance and honoring of the masculine and feminine aspects of life. This is when the harvest occurs from this union. This is when our mother earth is impregnated with the seeds of her next generation. This is when we reap our harvest for the year.

The letting go of the old to fertilize the next generation is required. It is required that the body of one dies so it can provide life giving nourishment for another. Many plants die or drop their leaves to create the fertile top soil in which their seeds can be safe from the elements while gestating through the winter.

It is time for us to let go of what no longer serves us and use it as fertilizer for the wisdom we are gaining on our journey. What we hold in our bodies such as old memories, patterns, belief systems, and negative attitudes about ourselves keep us from evolving into our essential selves. These old memories become toxic just like old matter that accumulates in our lungs and colon, the organ systems that govern this season. Natures’ focus is on the next yearly cycle so she willingly lets go of many she has nourished all year so they can become food for the next generation. We let go, allow ourselves to grieve the passing of the familiar and use it to fertilize and make room for who we are becoming.

Winter sets in and it’s time to rest and allow regeneration to occur. This is when the death part of the cycle completes itself as the great Mother takes time for herself and limits her output of nourishing others. It is the reflection of how the death of one body whether it plant or animal becomes nourishment for another. It is the time when a limiting unreal aspect of our self dies and becomes nourishment for our evolution into our essential selves. This is the time we build our core energy that resides in the governing organ, the kidneys so that we have the life force to create ourselves in alignment with the Divine plan. The corresponding organ, the bladder eliminates and keeps the fluids moving in the stillness of our depths. Often times fear gets a grip on us at this time as we sink deeper into ourselves to regenerate from the core. Along the way we meet aspects of ourself that is disowned and considered unacceptable by our conditioning. It can be a challenging time and rest and regeneration does not take place when we are doing this battle. When we are aligned and honoring of all the feelings that are related to each season, there is no reason to ban these parts of ourselves to the dungeons of our being, only to be dealt with as we naturally sink deeper into ourselves in winter, just as nature does. When this critical season is embraced, the judgments die off and we allow time for the rest and regeneration. We then have the creative, sexual life force to burst forward through obstacles once again in the spring. We have completed a round of transformation that each yearly cycle provides, bringing us closer to our core essential nature that is aligned and at one with our Divine Source. The journey consists of cycling around time after time transforming and evolving not only our personal consciousness, but our contribution as a thread integrated in the incredible tapestry, playing our part in the Divine unfolding.

How does all this relate to food and the art of cooking sustainable, local and organic food sources? The saying that “you are what you eat” is a rather simplistic summary of all this – but true. When nature offers her body in the various forms as food at the times of the year of her choice she is nourishing us with the physical body of beings that hold the energy and consciousness that aligns with this seasonal map. When ingested we become this, energetically and consciously.

When we eat foods that we have a respectful relationship with in all its flavors in our everyday life we are consciously choosing to live by the wisdom of our great Mother in its entirety. We are choosing to honor and respect the beings who are offering their bodies for our nourishment. We are recognizing our interconnectedness in the physical world. Our daily life in our physical bodies becomes a sacred walk filled with gratitude. This gratitude opens the door to our Divine connection as human beings. Because we are multi-dimensional this conscious act reverberates out into all aspects of ourselves and everything we are connected to, which according to this, is everything. When we eat foods from plants and animals that have lived a life that is respectful of who they are and how they were designed in their essential nature that is exactly what we are honoring within ourselves. When we eat foods that have been disregarded, abused, adulterated to look and taste like something it is not, that is exactly what we are becoming ourselves. From this perspective what we choose to put into your body, and when, has a far greater impact than one can imagine.