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Year-long program

This year’s program is underway and full. Next year’s program will begin with the six day immersion on Maui Tuesday, August 17th, – 23rd 2019, in the Earth element and will end with the six day immersion starting Wed, July 1st, – 7th 2020 in the Fire element. Ten months of virtual classes in between twice a month.

Early bird discount of $1,000 deducted if paid in full before April 1st, 2019.

$500 deposit will hold your spot

This program weaves together ancient ritual, ceremony, and immersion on the beautiful island of Maui for two separate weeks during the yearly cycle— and through virtual classes, private consultations, and sessions.

The virtual classes, sessions, and private consultations offered twice a month in between the two immersions will hold, teach, explore, heal, and ground you on the wave through the monthly and seasonal energy phases of the yearly cycle. Thus, preparing you for the reclamation of your authentic sexual nature as a vessel for Divine creation.

 You will be taking a journey through the entire yearly cycle that gives you an experience immersed in the wisdom of nature. It is our best intention to make sure you do not waste your time and money. Or find this program is not a good match for you once you have begun.

Because of the level of commitment for this program we ask that you fill out this Application.  

Virtual classes will be live on Zoom. Private consultations will be scheduled individually. Because it will be a small intimate group, together we will choose an optimum time and day of the week for virtual classes at the first immersion to make it possible for everyone to attend live. However, if you need to miss a class you will receive the video recording. 

Payment Options

Space is very limited so it is a small intimate group. To hold your spot a $500 non refundable deposit is requested.   

Total price for year long program is $6,600

Payment can be made by check or with a credit card through paypal. The paypal account is under

You will receive a $1,000 discount for full payment by April 1st 2019

Or you may pay for each module at $2,200 paid in full two weeks before module begins.

Paypal has a six month no interest loan plan if needed.

For other questions contact Mary Lane,  

Immersion lodging is available at affordable rates via Sue Lukas, HERE

Check out a video introduction from Mary, HERE

Apprenticeship Overview

Mary & Pele 

 During these times when our skill, endurance, and surrender are required for our collective transformation, never before have we needed the women to take their place in our society more than now.


The ancient ancestors knew Mother Earth was a physical manifestation of divine intelligence, love, compassion, creative, sexual life force, pulsing in its never ending cycle of life and death. Their symbiotic relationship with her was not separate from their relationship with the Divine. Through her, they experienced their direct connection in their daily lives. Their relationship with her married the sacred and mundane. And the women were highly skilled as a vessel that received divine inspiration so that it may be brought into form and experienced in our physical reality.

Moving from the energy field of a patriarchal influence that created generations of a victim, martyr reality through domination, into a frequency of co-creation with divine inspiration requires letting go of everything we have been taught about ourselves. The disconnect from our own direct divine relationship, our physical environment, our creative sexual energy, and our ability to receive, has in essence cut our society off from the Heart of life.

The pathway offered in this program supports the reclamation of the ancient wisdom buried deep within us.

It supports the return to a sacred relationship with Mother Earth.

It nourishes the unique path, gifts, and direct connection of each woman and her journey.

It offers tools to strengthen a woman’s essential quality as a receptive vessel.

It provides a container to explore both the light and shadow aspects of our relationship with our sexual, creative energy, feminine and masculine essential qualities.

This apprenticeship is a year long program that provides an opportunity for women to re-member, reclaim, and restore this ancient wisdom, relationship, and skill. The program empowers women to let go, and step up in a co-creative role aligned with the divine intelligence of Mother Earth and their soul’s contract.

In this program we start by restoring our relationship with the Mother. Together, we will reconnect with the seasonal wave of energy that flows through the yearly cycle.

You will learn how food supports you to ground, center, and embody the intelligence of the elemental phases of the creative cycle that moves through the earth’s body—and your own.

You will be supported to heal your relationship with Mother energy and strengthen it within yourself through food, gardening, and witnessing your self similarity.

You will learn basic herbalism to keep you and your family healthy, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and sovereign, from a destructive pharmaceutical industry.

You will receive support from the spirit world as we pilgrimage to sacred sites that embody the energies of our journey.

We will use this strong grounding in the loving, compassionate lap of Mother Maui to hold us as we explore the shadow side and wounding of the feminine we have carried collectively for many generations.

We will experience the power of sacred play, conscious movement, artistic alchemy, and energy healing, essential to health and wellbeing.

We will recreate our relationship with our sexual, creative energy, free from the small box it was placed in by a patriarchal society.

We will explore how this pathway supports you to have a conscious, sacred death, skilled at letting go, after a lifetime of practice that has propelled your soul’s growth and evolution.

Those who register for this program will receive a copy of Divine Nourishment, A Woman’s Sacred Journey with Food, and Meena, The fiery story of a heroine’s initiation, reclaiming her authentic sexual nature and her relationship with the Great Mother. Both these books authored by Mary Lane, will bring you into an experience, starting point, and language we can all launch from together in the program. It will also give you a peek into a doorway in which you will be stepping through.


Meet the Mentors and Co-facilitators!

You will be held by a circle of highly skilled, compassionate, wise Aunties who bring their unique gifts, skills, and wisdom together. The weaving of the gifts these women offer creates a strong fabric of support that takes you through the spirit, soul, mental, emotional, and physical bodies for full integration. They have offered their gifts worldwide for many years. Being held by this circle of women is a gift you will continue to unwrap for the rest of your lives. I am honored to introduce you to these women, and step into a circle of Sacred Play with them. 


Mary pic copy

Mary Lane has a deep understanding of our relationship with food, Pele archetypal  energy, and the wisdom of the Earth. She is the author of Divine Nourishment: A Woman’s Sacred Journey with Food, and, Meena. She lives on the island of Maui, where she supports women to strengthen their relationship with their own unique gifts, and with Mother Earth.

Over her forty-year career as a professional chef, Mary’s journey took her through a doorway into the wisdom of nature. She became a devoted student of the natural world. Over time, the Mother’s wisdom revealed itself as a vast reservoir which has the capacity to take us home to ourselves.

Mary Lane’s studies have supported her alignment with nature’s wisdom. These studies have included a two-year schooling as a professional chef, a two-year schooling in five element nourishment, a two-year schooling in plant spirit medicine, a decade focused on sacred sexuality, ongoing schooling on conscious dying, Five Rhythm dance, and studies with several teachers in herbalism and wild food identification.

Some co-creations come often, some take a lifetime to distill, integrate, and bring into form. The two books, and this year-long program is a manifestation of Mary’s co-creation aligned with her soul’s contract that has taken a lifetime to offer. The journey has facilitated her owning healing and growth during its gestation and birth into form.

“Distilling the wisdom garnered on my journey, and planting the seeds of this wisdom in fertile ground for those seeking it is what my soul was designed to do during this autumn season of my life. It has become Sacred Play for me.”



Beth Marcil, is a widely recognized visual artist and creative workshop facilitator who lives in Maui, HI. An honor graduate of Ringling College of Art and Design, she is adept at a variety of mediums, in a wide range of approaches. Combining her love of art and creative process with her deep appreciation for their power to heal, Beth offers clients much more than her impressive breadth of artistic knowledge and her infectious enthusiasm. It is also her personal authenticity and gentle guidance that makes a lasting impression on those who work with her. Simply put, Beth Marcil is someone that people intuitively trust. A popular visual journaling instructor and trained SoulCollage® facilitator, Beth has 30 years of experience as a ‘creative midwife’ for those who wish to explore their inner worlds and rediscover the magic of artistic play.

“Art is my symbolic language, bringing into visible form all that has made me who I am, guiding me through crossroads and transitions, giving me clues as to who I shall become. My extensive visual art background and my passion for sharing the power of art-making as a tool for transformation… these are what I offer to those who choose to work with me.”

Our focus in the Year Long Apprentice Program will be the deeply intuitive SoulCollage® process, in which you will choose evocative images from a lavish array of pictures collected from magazines and other sources. As you cut out, rearrange and assemble these into intuitively pleasing arrangements, you will begin to witness the budding relationship between your fresh, new images and your inner landscape. Without consciously thinking about it, you have begun the gentle process of gathering your inner parts from the deep well of your experience, giving them voice, and elevating them to the realm of the sacred. Later in the process, you will journal your discoveries, inviting your logical mind to support and blend with your intuitive wisdom – artistic alchemy at its best. Upon completion of our session, you will have the tools you need to continue creating your unique and powerful deck of SoulCollage® cards, a true reflection of your multi-faceted self. Whether you make 10 cards or 100, the more often you consult them, the more potential they have to become a map and compass throughout your life’s journey.



Kranto, I began my life as a gardner when I was four years old. Running home from nursery school I saw a big purple plum lying under a tree with purple leaves. My world stopped as the realization came to me that fruit came from trees. Now, this particular plum did not fall from the flowering plum tree which does not produce fruit; it must have fallen from some ones shopping basket. However my world was shaped in that moment.

A year later my family moved to country and our house was in the middle of orchards.  My first garden I planted when I was five consisted of marigolds and zinnias in the poorest driest soil I’ve ever worked in.

I have been gardening ever since.  I’ve gardened around the world, I have had terrace gardens, backyards gardens, container gardens, community gardens, gardened in vacant lots until houses were built and even managed a 60 acre truck farm.

I have explored all types of gardening (approaches modalities, what’s the word?), Learned about soil, composting, worms.  Learned how to listen to the earth, the sun, the elements.  And how to communicate with nature spirits of plants and soil.

And now at 70+ I look to my garden to provide me with my food.  I love to walk out see what is ready now, pick it return to my kitchen and cook something just absolutely wonderful, tasty and nutritious.

I look forward to guiding you through the process of creating your own personal garden.


Sue Lukas is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and has been working in the field for more than 20 years.  She has worked in various clinical settings and in private practice with all ages throughout the years.  Particularly interested in the relationship between all of the body’s energy systems and the emotional and behavioral patterns present in people’s lives, she began the study of Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) and became a Clinically Licensed Eden Energy Medicine practitioner (EEM-CLP) and teacher of Energy Medicine 101 and 102.

Sue teaches a variety of classes combining EEM practices, essential oils, intuition; and is a conscious channel, bringing energy work through in the form of guided meditations, visualizations and energy processes for groups and individuals.  She is passionate about empowerment and has clearly understood that the path leading there involves diving deep into the shadow side; balancing depth and elevation; strength and weakness; dark and light; masculine and feminine.  Using and teaching various techniques such as:  energy medicine practices, essential oils, plant medicine, holistic nutrition, meditation, yoga, exercise, life enhancing employment, and living in sync with natural law to do so.

As student of clairvoyance, intuitive aromatherapy, meditation and all types of energy healing for many years; Sue is able to use her intuition and compassion to guide others along the cooperative journey of helping them to heal themselves at their own pace in a gentle, supportive and liberating way.

Click Here for Interview with Sue Lukas


Reverend Bodhi Be is an interfaith minister ordained in a universal Sufi lineage. He is the Executive Director of Doorway Into Light, an educational and charitable organization on Maui providing conscious and compassionate responses to dying and death since 2006, and offering community workshops and presentations.  Doorway Into Light operates Hawaii’s only nonprofit funeral home and only certified green funeral home.

Bodhi is an independent funeral director; end-of-life and bereavement counselor; hospice volunteer; a teacher and trainer of death midwifery; a speaker and workshop leader in the fields of wholehearted and sacred living and dying, and a ceremonial guide. Bodhi facilitates grief groups in schools for children and  teenagers, as well as groups for adults.

He is the founder and president of Doorway Into Light’s The Death Store an educational resource center and store on Maui.

Bodhi hosts a weekly, live radio show on Maui. ‘Death Tracks’ airs every Tuesday from 2-4PM HI Time locally on 88.5FM and streaming on ( ) and on the TUNEIN APP at KAKU 88.5FM.

Death Tracks Radio Show with Bodhi & Mary


Pluma is a freelance producer of conscious centered programming & Instructional guide of Yoga, Dance and Meditation. Most recently, she dedicated herself as director to the Lucent Temple of Consciousness at LIGHTING IN A BOTTLE for 5 years, is a part of the Utah based SUMMIT wellness team and has offered her channeled teachings at large scale festival events, intimate workshops, ceremonial gatherings and international retreats throughout the past two decades. 

Pluma draws from and applies various disciplines of spirituality, mysticism and practical movement into her courses. Her unique work is informed by a wisdom curated from years of personal and group exploration spanning a variety of yogic lineages as well as shamanic modalities which focus on the healing arts, personal development and transformational explorations.

Her classes lead the practitioner on a journey to self discovery and self mastery through an understanding of the connection between one’s personal life force and the infinite mystery through interwoven Pranayama, Mantra, Mudra, Kirya and Asana. 


Yoga+Dance is a form of expressing oneself through a series of whole body movements that combine the root-grounding postures of yoga with the up-lifting expansion of dance.  

The two modalities balance and reveal each other as the energies of sun and moon, steadiness and lightness, heating and cooling and of course masculine and feminine.

It’s important to note that traditional dance does not focus on performance or technique, but rather a union with yourself and spirit.  For all of humanity, seasonal movement is a means to ritualize collective events and individual rites of passage. Traditional Yoga, similarly, has served as Sadhana or a spiritual practice leading one on a journey through the very cycles of life and the wave of existence. 

As we travel side by side through the year we will explore each seasonal aspect through basic dance movements, music, deep yoga stretches, chanting, breath work, and fluid meditations. Every class will include qualities of the entire wave but focus on the current season which build one upon the other, allowing you to discover the natural rhythms of your own individual body, mind, and spirit.  

As we begin to unite these elements within, you’ll feel joyful, wild, calm, ecstatic, outraged, frustrated, passionate and peaceful… all of it!  And we begin where we are in every moment so all levels are welcome and no dance experience is necessary. 

YOGA + DANCE MANTRA                                        

While I dance

I cannot judge,

I cannot hate,

I cannot separate myself from life.

I can only be joyful and whole.


Lala’s pursuit of living in alignment with Nature, and her joy and zest for life – emanates from her being and is infused into her food preparation and therapeutic body treatments. Lala is a continual student of Ayurveda and has great reverence for this ancient healing science with, like herself, roots in India. She marvels at Nature’s beauty and simple elegance, and approaches nourisment in the same way – eating and serving foods off the land, grown or harvested with care, full of vitality, simply prepared, allowing the natural flavors, colors and shapes to shine, adding plenty of fresh herbs, some spices and flowers to nourish all the organs.

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