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Sisterhood & Our Fire

Mary, Tenji, Pele small

It is summer, the fire element, the element that rules our sexual, creative energy. It is the season that is based on relationships and transformation and the peak of the wave of the yearly seasonal cycle.

There are two primary aspects of the Divine Feminine. Our healing journey embraces both and brings them into harmony. In my work with women we begin with cultivating a strong relationship with our inner Divine Mother energy so we can call upon her to support us to transform our unconscious self rejection to self love. She is within us and she makes it possible for us to give this to ourselves. The other primary aspect of the feminine principle is the powerful, centered, sexual creatress.

It’s important to strengthen our relationship with our Divine Mother energy first so as we embrace this powerful creative energy, we are running it through a channel of self love instead of self rejection. At some point in our evolution the relationship between these two primary aspects of ourself clicks and becomes one. One without the other makes it next to impossible to bring our gifts into the world with compassion and consideration for the well being of all.

When these two aspects of ourself are dancing together our fire, passion, light, comes through in every thing we do, or person we encounter.

My relationship with my sisters, and our support for one another in this time of collective transition is very important to me. I feel it is a critical piece to our collective healing. It is not just the healing of women I refer to, but the healing of us all that will be affected through this sisterhood.

Relationships are important to the feminine. As women travel the transformational journey of healing the feminine principle we are confronted with the shadow side of relating from a disempowered posture in life. We have believed in a dysfunctional society’s perspective of our own power, or lack of it.

As I focus on my own strengthening and merging of these two aspects of the feminine I recently discovered a shadow side of my relationship with the beloved sisterhood I cherish.

Through much of my transition back to Maui I found myself always in someone else’s world. It took awhile for me to ground and find my home. A home that reflected who I am, and supported me to deepen and play with what I am passionate about. A home that I felt was the outer reflection of my inner world. The wait was well worth it. I had finally grounded in a home that allowed me to invite others into my world.

The joy of feeling the light and fire of my soul manifested in my physical surroundings is exuberant, passionate, and empowering.

One day I had a visitor who obviously struggles with the pain of dimming her light over for a celebration of a mutual friend. What she reflected back to me was a voice within myself that had plagued me long enough, criticizing the joy and passion. Basically, it is not OK to shine your light, feel your joy, exuberance and power.

In the past when that projection of someone’s self criticism has assaulted my passion, fire, I have shrunk and been apologetic for being so bold. This time I stood up to that voice she was embodying and said, “No, I will no longer dim my light because it makes you uncomfortable.”

I realized that a part of me felt my relationships with my women friends are so important that I wouldn’t allow myself to be my full expression, especially if there is any indication that it feels threatening to them. I have dimmed my fire all my life so I would be accepted.

My deepening relationship with my own Pele energy has brought this to the surface as she demands that I no longer apologize for who I am, in all my glorious, wondrous, divine feminine magnificence.

How many of us women are dimming our light fueled by our fire because we don’t want to be rejected? The other side of the dysfunctional coin is how many of us know how to shine this light fueled by our fire that is not wrapped in the package of what we were taught by a society that fears it? How many of us women feel threatened by another who allows this to shine through? How many of us are clean with this energy and know it beyond the perspective of a very old worn out paradigm?

These are good questions to ask ourselves in this season of the fire element. We need our sisterhood. We also need our sexual creative life force energy. We need a different perspective on this energy so we are not threatened by it, so we can fan the flames for one another to shine in our magnificence, offering our gifts to a world that needs them. We need to own this energy with no apologies. Embrace an authentic relationship with it so we are not threatened by another’s expression of their fire. Become masters of this sexual, creative energy so our light can shine and create a society that is aligned with our authentic fire.

Enjoy this summer, enjoy your fire, and allow it to fuel your relationships in a healthy authentic way with no apologies for your magnificence. Allow your fire to burn brightly.


Fire, Nature & the Art of Transformation

Happy Solstice! And welcome to the fire element, and season of the yearly cycle. This element rules the heart , small intestine and sex circulation. We are collectively transforming our relationship with all three of these aspects of the fire element. In fact we are transforming our relationship with the fire element in general and maturing into a human race that is more heart centered. We are welcoming the receptive feminine principle back into our world to create the much needed balance we all long for.

So what is her role in this fire element? We have the heart which rules our passion, relationships, joy, warmth, transformation, creativity, and just plain juiciness of life that emanates care toward everything and everyone else. The heart’s partner in this is the small intestine that supports the heart by sifting through and separating the pure from the impure. It supports the heart to follow what is pure with discernment. When we walk through life with an open heart and follow it, a good companion is discernment.

Sex circulation moves our raw creative energy through the channels and supports us to create, bring into manifestation and form from the realm of the unmanifest. It supports the nourishment of all the organ systems so they are alive and healthy, contributing to the creative process.

The Divine Feminine has many facets to her. She is vast. She is pure sexual creative energy connected to the Divine Source as the womb of the realm of possibility. She gives birth to all there is, she nourishes it, guides it, devours it. In her wholeness she is united with her masculine essence that brings her unbridled sexual creative energy into focus, resulting in form. All form can be traced back to her. Everything is self similar. It just vibrates at a different frequency depending on the dimension in which it is accessed. Form is the densest frequency, but by all means no less Divine.

No wonder she scared the beejeezes out of those who didn’t understand her. However, she has never left us. Her wisdom, intelligence, compassion, fierceness, beauty, the list is endless, has just been disregarded, ignored, hidden, and pushed back into the shadows until we were mature enough to handle her. Seems we are finally approaching that time in history. Her intelligence in it’s least distorted manifestation comes into form as nature, our beloved Mother Earth.

It is no coincidence that when she was devalued and ignored, so was the physical manifestation of her wisdom in the form of the natural world, the body, and women. They are all self similar. It is also no coincidence that as we honor the Divine Feminine and welcome her wisdom back into our world, we are returning to honoring women, our bodies and the Earth. You can not separate them.

Fifteen years ago I experienced a kundalini awakening that lasted about two years. The serpent uncoiled and took me for an indescribable ride that I’m still integrating. It was the Divine Feminine in her unbridled, unmanifested raw sexual energy surging through my body at about 660 volts. What a ride! I experienced the tiniest thought reverberate out in infinite larger, grander expressions of itself, manifesting as it grew from my personal experience to the collective and beyond. It shined a light like a beacon into every crack and crevice in my psyche, showing me the negative thought patterns that was not aligned with her authenticity. She’s still doing this.

We are witnessing the same thing on the collective level as she shines a light on all the corrupted belief patterns in our society causing them to crumble. They are just a larger manifestation of individual unconscious and disowned beliefs, thrown into one big pot of yucky tasting soup. If we are to welcome her, then we must honor her in her entirety, not try to save her. We must honor her as she is manifested as the Earth, not try to save her.  We must honor her as manifested as woman, not try to save her. We must honor our bodies’ wisdom, as it is her wisdom. “Saving” still comes from the patriarchal stance that we are superior. What a joke.

So how does this relate to the art of transformation? As it has been taught by the ancient ones in many cultures, sexual energy has enormous transformative power. It creates and transforms. However, it is not discriminating. It creates form of whatever consciousness it is channeled through. As long as we are hooked into the consciousness of our old negative beliefs, and the patriarchal collective system that is what will be created. However, she will not stop shining a light on this, and we may see what is hidden in the shadows and allow this energy to transform into a consciousness that is more aligned with hers if we choose.

If the natural world and Earth is a physical manifestation of the Divine Feminine and  self similar to us then the same kundalini energy that moves through our bodies and consciousness also moves through the Earth’s. This wave of creative life force moving through the Earth’s body can be witnessed as seasons going through the process of creation, life, and destruction, death. We are witnessing her infinite creativity and willingness to let go of what no longer serves, and become food for the birth of the new. It is transformation at it’s best.

As self similar creatures we are souls who have manifested as a physical being on a human journey to evolve. Our physical surroundings are transforming constantly. When we are aligned with this wisdom of the Divine Feminine we are one with this ongoing transformation, and we are carried by this wave of sexual energy. We let go of what no longer serves us and give birth to new creations of our soul’s growth cycle by cycle. Spring birth transforms into summer’s full expression, transforming into the harvest of our creation, letting go of what is no longer aligned in fall, planting seeds for new growth, and allowing death to become compost for these seeds of potential in winter for the new life ahead.

Take this yearly cycle and apply our self similarity and you have the same cycle every day, every minute, every breath.

She is the master. She is a manifestation of this transformative process in the form of the natural world. She carries us through the transformation, and when aligned with her wisdom, the wisdom that honors all of her creation, and the harmony of life and death, this raw sexual creative energy that flows through our bodies, consciousness, and Earth we will become the channels for this Divine wisdom and love. We will enjoy the journey, and experience the ecstasy that comes from unbridled sexual creative energy brought into form through our imaginations free from old limited negative beliefs.

Sounds like a lot to accomplish? She has brilliantly set this wisdom in motion one cycle at a time, making it doable as an exciting adventure one digestible bite at a time. Aligning with the wisdom of the Divine Feminine physically manifested as the Earth will support us to grow, evolve, and raise our consciousness as a collective reflection of her creation. Honoring the Divine Masculine energy that is a part of her supports us to bring her creation into form. We can know ourselves as a self similar embodiment of her Divine creative energy, wisdom, and love. She is the Master!

Growing into a healthy relationship with the fire element is not for sissies. But then, from what I can tell those souls who have incarnated to support the planetary transformation are far from being sissies. When we can truly own who we are, know our value, and honor ourselves from every fiber of our being, imagine what form that raw creative sexual energy can take.