reclaim ourselves

Power of the Darkness

We cannot know ourselves as this empowered, centered, Divine force without knowing our darker self. One side of us feels powerful and wonderful, while the other can feel quite frightened and debilitated. We often swing back and forth between the two, and it can be very confusing if we don’t understand the power and benefit of entering into the darkness. We think something went wrong.

The wave and flow of energy that nature experiences throughout the seasons has a light, outward peak and an inward, darker trough. In nature there is a season for all things. For many on a spiritual path there is a tendency to believe that we are all working hard to move toward just the light. We are working toward that time of all joy when everything is in harmony, balance and happiness.

But when things come back into harmony there will not be a loss of darkness. We will simply understand its place in our life and in our world. We will come to peace with the darkness. Without the darkness of winter we can not have any other season. Without the darkness that comes from the absence of the sun the planet could not function. It works in a way that is already in harmony.

It is the periods in life when we face our dark places that we illuminate more than the “good” expanded times. It is the darker times that have truly opened the doors to the depths and heights of our being. It is because of those times we are able to be the full expression of self that we are.

Learning to love our self because of our darkness, not in spite of it, is a key. The journey of falling in love with this part of us, as deeply as the expanded part that is in the light, supports our wholeness. Acknowledging that every part of us is fine and as it is supposed to be is the journey of reclaiming ourselves.

There is nothing wrong with us! When we learn that and when we are committed to that energy, then the balance is restored. When we really feel the flow of discovery that dipping down into the darkness provides and meet more of our self, it becomes a glorious adventure. Strangely enough the pain starts to become an enjoyment when we let go of the beliefs that something is inherently wrong with us.

When we transform these beliefs we suddenly face our self with no shame and we begin to meet these parts of our self as a homecoming and a celebration. It’s really only our perception of these parts of our self that creates the pain. The shame is rooted in the belief that we should have done it better. When we let go of the self-blame and the shame that goes with it, we shift how we experience ourselves—and that is a great joy.