Divine Nourishment Six Week Virtual Courses

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Divine Nourishment: Introduction to 5 Element Nourishment: Six week virtual course one

Heal, Nourish & Honor the Feminine Within: Six week virtual course two

Mary Lane

I invite you on a journey of discovery, healing, transformation, reclamation, nourishment, and self love.

These courses are designed to introduce you to the natural wisdom that supports you to heal the feminine principle, nourish yourself aligned with the Earth’s wisdom, embody her wisdom, reclaim lost, hidden, rejected aspects of yourself, and embrace your sexual, creative energy.

They give you a structure to heal and empower yourself in an affordable way so you may nourish yourself wisely, come out of the shadows, and offer your gifts to a world that is in deep need of them.

When you register for these virtual courses you will receive:

An eworkbook with six lessons, reading and assignments.
Six recordings aligned with the eworkbook lessons.
Email forum available for student discussion and sharing

The courses are in sequence to give you the grounding, experience and awareness needed for optimum benefit.

The grounding and wisdom gained in the Introduction to 5 Element Nourishment supports you to reclaim and honor the aspects of the feminine, self similar to the natural world that have been lost and rejected in the Heal, Nourish & Honor the Feminine Within course.

With the grounding you receive from the first course and the awareness of what is operating in the shadows in the second course you can then open to your sexual creative energy aligned with the wisdom of the Earth and Feminine without causing yourself harm.

It is a holistic picture offered one digestible bite at a time so you can integrate and embody the Natural Divine wisdom. Food is a doorway into a vast, transformational ride beyond your wildest dreams. Once you enter this doorway and ground yourself in nature’s wisdom you can “Receive” the deep healing, reclamation, and transformation available to you with the support of our Sacred Divine Mother Earth.

These courses are an introduction to what is available to you. If you would like extra support I am offering one hour private phone or skype consultations at a reduced rate of $97.00 per hour, payable through paypal. Contact Mary to schedule an appointment.

Thank you for allowing me to support you in this way at a time when it is critical to our world. I hope you will join me.

Mary Lane

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