Divine Nourishment Six Week Virtual Course

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Introduction to 5 Element Nourishment - Course One

Confused about how to nourish yourself through these transformational times?

Need some solid ground under you?

I am honored to support you to remember the deep cyclical, integrated, balanced wisdom that you already carry. It is a wisdom that was lost when we collectively disconnected from the sacredness of our Earth, bodies, and the feminine receptive principle.

Nourishing yourself aligned with the Earth’s wisdom is a powerful way to connect with your natural self, and embody this wisdom.

Food has the power to not only ground us in this wisdom, it awakens it, nourishes it, strengthens it, and embodies it when it is aligned with the Divine intelligence of our Earth.

How do you take something so big and lost for so long -- reclaim it, and serve it for dinner?

This course is designed to open that door and give you the tools so you can reclaim your Divine Wise Woman that is an embodiment of our Sacred Mother Earth, nourish her, and give her a place in your life and our world.

I use the Taoist 5 Element perspective to articulate the language and transformative wisdom of the Earth.

I support you to integrate this wisdom into your life and the seasonal meals you prepare.

I connect the dots between the Earth’s wisdom and the wisdom of your own body, soul, and the feminine principle in union with her masculine.

I have worked as a professional chef for over 30 years. I have nourished thousands of people in that time. But because of a birth trauma that put me in a body cast as a young baby, cut off from all nourishment this world has to offer I have spent most of my life healing and reclaiming my ability to “Receive” nourishment, and all that comes with that as a Divine human being connected to our Sacred Mother Earth. What began as a traumatic wound became a tremendous gift enabling me to support others to heal their personal version of this collective wound and awaken their lost wisdom that is not separate from our Mother Earth. It became a powerful gift that can support you to take back your birthright, and walk with the dignity of your Divine connection as a human being.

It is the time to embrace and deepen our relationship with food, our Earth and open to “Receive” the Divine Nourishment and Wisdom available to us. I am honored to be able to support you in this way so it may become a sacred journey that is filled with life affirming nourishment on all levels.

This six week course offers a strong foundation in which to reclaim your birthright to receive Divine Nourishment on all levels. It brings very practical tools, understanding and grounding in how you nourish your body from season to season so you can actually see and experience how the interplay of the elements that all of life is made of affects your food, diet, life, and journey in a profound way.

What you “Receive” in this course:


with weekly reading and assignments that give you extra support and walks you through setting up a personalized seasonal cookbook integrating the healing elemental foods.

Six Recordings

Email forum available for student discussion and sharing

In this six week virtual course you will learn and experience:

Overview of Elemental Perspective on our lives, food & “Feminine Receptive Nature”

Hour long recording on each of the five elements, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water

These hour long recordings address how each element plays a role in our lives on the physical, emotional, spiritual level.

Each hour long recording will guide you in how to integrate foods that embody the energetic qualities of these elements into your seasonal diet.

You will learn how each element relates to your organ systems, health, seasons, diet, and spiritual growth and transformation.

You will learn how the interplay of the elements embody a seasonal map of transformation and how the foods can ground you on this wave.

The combination of the recordings, elemental reading, and assignments give you a strong foundation supporting you to integrate and weave all the elements into your seasonal diet, life, and transformational process.

For extra support combine this course with my book, Divine Nourishment, A Woman’s Sacred Journey with Food.


I just wanted to thank you for being available to us with your 5 element teachings. The information you've given us is so valuable. I've already made changes in my diet and in my awareness of eating. Also, on a more metaphysical plane, I've really connected with how the earth, Grandmother Growth feeds us not only in the physical realm but also in all the realms of our Being. I feel much more grounded (even though it's Spring!). I feel a great sense of excitement again about food (which really is very much Spring!) I feel fresh, enlivened, powerful.

It seems like when we're in alignment with Spirit, the work we do is energized in some kind of exponential way so that it is really effective on many levels. It feels like this is the effect your work has had on me. So many thanks for doing all you've done to bring yourself into alignment! I know it's not always easy.

Namaste, Wendy

I participated in a series of seasonal classes with Mary in order to educate myself on the Chinese Five Element system of health. I am a professional cook and wished to learn how to incorporate the principles of this ancient and profound system into my work. Mary presented information to our group in a compassionate and masterful way which I found very inspirational and practical, and made it easy for me to understand and use these principles in my menu planning and preparation, as well as in my daily life. I have great respect for Mary as a teacher, and as a person, and whole heartedly recommend her as a teacher to anyone who wants learn more about how to how to live life in a conscious way.

Katherine Buchanan

Mary Lane's work reveals how a profound mutually-nourishing relationship between Mother Earth and human woman grows naturally from respectfully honoring our foods as they emerge in season. We become disjunct from nature and out of balance within ourselves as we select out-of-season foods from half-away around the world rather than local foods naturally in sync with our own bodies. Mary's delicious recipes invite sensual, scrumptious delights through our senses and bodies to become our pathways to spiritual opening. The insights into Chinese medicine in her classes open us to heal through intimate knowing and immersion into Earth's natural changes. Mary's courses show a joyful, natural path to find our true place as Women within the Divine Feminine that delights and nourishes the body, as well as mind and spirit.

Dianne Seale, Ph.D.
Associate Professor Emeritus
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

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