Divine Nourishment Six Week Virtual Course

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Heal, Nourish & Honor the Feminine Within
- Course Two

This course is available to those who have taken course one
Introduction to 5 Element Nourishment

Having Trouble believing in your magnificence?

Do you give more than you receive?

Healing the “Receptive” feminine aspect of ourselves is needed to receive life affirming nourishment on all levels, including direct Divine Guidance. It is a necessary ingredient in the Divine creative process that brings spirit into form. It has been the missing ingredient that supports balance and harmony in our world. We cannot create a respectful, harmonious society without a healthy relationship with our receptive feminine principle and the natural world.

Heal, Nourish & Honor the Feminine Within supports us with a structure to listen and recognize what’s calling out from the shadows that wants to be healed, loved and integrated so you can become whole, empowered and present. This process itself is the mastery and wisdom of the Divine Feminine in action. She rules this territory. To embrace her is to embrace the light and darkness equally, receiving the gifts from both.

We do not bring the feminine out of the shadows overnight without a conscious effort. desire, and willingness to reclaim and integrate her. Her vastness makes this journey an exciting adventure with twists and turns and, yes, sometimes takes us into the deep dark corners and crevices of our inner territory where we have hidden her precious qualities that have not been acceptable by a patriarchal society.

Every myth, fairy tale, teachings of all sorts from ancient cultures have shared that hidden under our fears, wounds, dragons and demons are treasures beyond our wildest dreams. She is waiting for us to reclaim and embrace her in her entirety. This course will give you tools and support to do this with a sense of adventure and homecoming while honoring yourself for taking this journey.

By the end of this course you will be able to recognize old beliefs that no longer serve you, what they feel like in your body, and how to replace them with beliefs that are aligned with loving kindness toward yourself. You will be given tools, rituals and practices to take with you and apply in your life that support you to do the shadow work necessary to integrate your inner child, soothe it’s fears, release old collective shame. and celebrate yourself.

What you “Receive” in this course:


with weekly reading and assignments that give you extra support and guidance lesson by lesson.

Six Recordings

Email forum available for student discussion and sharing

This six week virtual course offers:

A look at what lies beneath the collective wounding that each of us carry a piece of. How that piece has manifested in our life personally and how we can heal it through awareness and self love.

The power of the darkness and how your relationship with it can actually become one of the most powerful gifts from the Divine Feminine for your healing.

Explore our collective basis for rage toward the masculine in our shadows so that we may let it go and heal this.

Explore the collective shame women carry in their unconscious and the difficulty bringing our gifts out into the world.

You will receive tools to transform shame into a celebration of powerful aspects of yourself.

You will be guided through a daily ritual practice that will support you to integrate your inner child with the love from your internal Mother.

You will be given self nourishing practices that transform the collective and individual unconscious self rejection into self love and honor.

You will change your wardrobe through changing your beliefs about yourself one at a time through a guided journey. This is a wonderful process that will support you to unhook from the old worn out collective unconscious beliefs about yourself as a woman so you may come out of the shadows and shine.

Outline actions you can take, rituals, gatherings you can hold, that honors yourself and one another through self nourishment, and building the strength of our self love.

Finally, you will see that there is nothing wrong with you! Own it, enjoy it, and share it!

For extra support combine this course with my book, Divine Nourishment, A Woman’s Sacred Journey with Food.

I actually felt like I was with Mary on her journey! Of course I know EXACTLY what she is talking about with the dark feminine and the reunion of the animus in a woman to full health due to my own life passage into experience in the underworld. i LOVE that she is bringing all these healing powerful archetypes together through eating and cooking!!!! This is a wonderful book for those who seek greater wholeness, nourishment and healing through eating and the art of cooking.

Pam Wells


Thank you for this! and for all of your articles. Your wisdom is amazing! and the way you share your truth is illuminating. Once again it speaks to me, and sheds much needed light.

I’m especially grappling with the painful darkness that can surface in relationships. Your words are helping me to not be so hard on myself.

Keep lighting the way!


Mary Lane, in her book and courses reaffirms the need for humanity to help heal the Divine Feminine, which is our birthright as women and our obligation to defend as men.

Join Mary in her empowering journey as she dives into the oceanic possibilities of riding the sacred Wave that is both obvious and hidden in Nature and in your own life, right down to what you put onto your plate or into your bowl as you honor yourself with Divine Nourishment.

Centuries of abuse of women have led to the abuse of Gaia. Healing our bodies through Nature's seasonal natural recipes that Mary has created, and healing our minds and hearts through self-knowledge of the little child that lives within us who needs protection, we can trigger the tipping-point moment in the Collective Unconscious that will suddenly bring the entirety of humanity into alignment.

Your job is to heal yourself so our planet can heal and humanity can heal. Mary has been doing this for decades as she has created a body of work from seasonal recipes to herbal potions, nurturing retreats for women and her own unique philosophy. Telling personal stories and revealing how she learned to ride the Wave of the seasons and her own feminine cycles, Mary is fearless in exploring areas of the psyche that are often hidden in shadow but must be brought into the light for us to be whole.

As you allow Mary to gently guide you your personal process will be revealed to you and your path of healing becomes clearer.

--Erin Starr


And, just wanted to say thank you. As I am getting to know you, I am starting to really appreciate more and more of who you are and what you are bringing to all of us. I thank you for doing this work with yourself and being at a place of sharing it with other women. What you are sharing is a life-saver in a tumultuous sea of repressed anger and layers of fear and control in our amazing but messed up society.



Thank you for your amazing wisdom, and thank you for sharing your shadow. So many of us feel rejected, separate, and that we don't belong. This is one of my life stories. I've learned that this is the greatest gift in disguise. It has given me the power to be FREE, beyond convention, and beyond the limits we place in our world. Here's to the incredible and unique gifts we all have to give when we are free! I love reading your work : )

feminine wisdom