Meet the Mentors and Co-facilitators


Mary Lane is the main mentor of this program. She has a deep understanding of the wisdom of the Earth, and the need for our right relationship with her on many levels. Including turning to our Mother as our teacher. She helps facilitate this remembering.

“Mary Lane infuses her cooking, her thinking, her dance on this earth with exquisite feminine grace and wisdom.” – Gabrielle Roth, author of Sweat Your Prayers & creator of 5RHythms®

She is the author of: 

Divine Nourishment: A Woman’s Sacred Journey with Food

“Mary’s book offers us a brilliantly conceived and richly layered compilation of the wisdom of the ages.  Mary’s offering draws from her many years of study as well as from her own experience and direct communication with the Divine. Ranging from a profound explanation of the very forces of Creation to practical suggestions for embodying these forces in daily life, Mary’s book is a true guide for healing and restoring the Divine Feminine within us and in our world. ” Katia Wolf

Meena: the fiery story of a heroine’s initiation reclaiming her authentic sexual nature and her relationship with the Great Mother

 “A page-turning powerhouse — destined to be a movie. Meena will grip you and take you on a journey of cosmic proportion. Mary Lane’s description of a life lived in harmony with the natural world, and the union of a fully realized male and female, is breathtaking. It wakes up a part of us that needs to remember this possibility. This book took me to my core and touched a deep longing for connection.” ~ Amara Pagano, founder ~ Azul Conscious Movement

Mary lives on the island of Maui, where she supports women to strengthen their relationship with their own unique gifts, and with Mother Earth.

Over her forty-year career as a professional chef, Mary’s journey took her through a doorway into the wisdom of nature. She became a devoted student of the natural world. Over time, the Mother’s wisdom revealed itself as a vast reservoir which has the capacity to take us home to ourselves.

Mary discovered our relationship with our Mother Earth has a direct affect on our relationship with food, medicine, essential feminine and masculine qualities, and their relationship, sexual creative energy, death, evolution, and humanness as a sacred journey. Many of the aspects of ourselves that have been distorted by modern society that are so crucial to our authentic nature. What started as a path with food and vocation as a chef, went far beyond what could have been imagined.

Mary Lane’s studies have supported her alignment with nature’s wisdom. These studies have included a two-year schooling as a professional chef, a two-year schooling in five element nourishment, a two-year schooling in plant spirit medicine, a decade focused on sacred sexuality, ongoing schooling on conscious dying, Five Rhythm dance, and studies with several teachers in herbalism and wild food identification.

Some co-creations come often, some take a lifetime to distill, integrate, and bring into form. The two books, and this year-long program is a manifestation of Mary’s co-creation aligned with her soul’s contract that has taken a lifetime to offer. The journey has facilitated her owning healing and growth during its gestation and birth, and continues to deepen her ability to keep stepping into a larger version of herself.

“Distilling the wisdom garnered on my journey, and planting the seeds of this wisdom in fertile ground for those seeking it, is what my soul was designed to do during this autumn season of my life. It has become Sacred Play for me. The studies I have undertaken over time I found has facilitated the wisdom that has come through living my life. That has been my greatest teacher. It is the journey that has mentored me, and has shown me that each of us are deeply guided through our experiences in our lives that chisels away the conditioning and obstructions that stand in the way of us becoming the unique expression of our soul’s blueprint. This mentorship is fashioned after this way of teaching.” 


Meet Sue Lukas

Sue is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and has been working in the field for more than 20 years.  She has worked with all ages throughout the years.  Particularly interested in the relationship between all of the body’s energy systems and the emotional and behavioral patterns present in people’s lives, she began the study of Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) and became a Clinically Licensed Eden Energy Medicine practitioner (EEM-CLP) and teacher of Energy Medicine 101 and 102.

Sue teaches a variety of classes combining EEM practices, essential oils, intuition; and is a conscious channel, bringing energy work through in the form of guided meditations, visualizations and energy processes for groups and individuals.  She is passionate about empowerment and has clearly understood that the path leading there involves diving deep into the shadow side; balancing depth and elevation; strength and weakness; dark and light; masculine and feminine; and polarities of all types.  She also has a deep connection with animals and is in love with Alpacas and her dog, Buddy.  Sue uses her sensitivity to energy as a teacher and has been developing a more and more refined way of living in sync and observing nature to do so.

As student of clairvoyance, intuitive aromatherapy, meditation and all types of energy healing for many years; Sue is able to use her intuition and compassion to guide others along the cooperative journey of helping them to heal themselves at their own pace in a gentle, supportive and liberating way. “Words cannot adequately express how deeply sacred this mentorship program and our circle of women have become for me.  All of my life, I have been yearning for home; unaware that feeling was actually a longing to connect to the ancient knowledge that has lain dormant inside me.  Mary’s mentorship program has been the vital ingredient, along with my own willingness and commitment, to reclaim the home within myself while refining my ability to trust the divine guidance towards my soul’s unique path on this planet. The depth of wisdom that comes through Mary resonates with every cell of my being, beckoning me to become more united with ancient feminine energies. The program teaches many practices to support the release of that which no longer serves and then fill with that which is more aligned with the good of the whole:  within the planet and myself.  

These deeply foundational practices underpin everything I do now, guiding me with fierce compassion and courage to become all that I am destined to be.  Linking to the quiet inner power to heal the distortions of competitive female relationships, this work simultaneously deeply impacts our own individual journeys and heals the collective, while opening the group more fully to the divine massive intelligence of the earth.  This is vital for our world to continue and to move towards a more balanced place where all beings are seen, valued, respected and considered. 

I am also been deeply honored to be a part of this program as one of the teachers and I am excited to be one of the program mentors for next year, expanding my role even further.  As an energy medicine practitioner and a psychotherapist, I have spent many years accumulating knowledge about how to guide, interact with and channel energy: which is one of my gifts in this world.  In working the mentorship program for myself, I have found that this mentorship takes me deeper into alignment with myself and as result, my work has become stronger and deeper, evolving to a whole new level.  I have experienced a strengthening, clarifying, purifying and grounding of the energy I bring through for myself and others.   I couldn’t be more excited and more honored to be a mentor in this program and to support others as they unfold into their gifts; while I expand further into my own, honoring and enjoying a new aligned earth! “ 


Meet Pluma

Pluma is a freelance producer of conscious centered programming and Instructional guide of Yoga + Activated Meditations. Her channeled teachings have been presented at large scale festival events, intimate workshops, ceremonial gatherings and intentional retreats worldwide throughout the past two decades. Most recently she shares her musicianship with a Maui based choir, Nectar Song and offers devotional support for local Kirtan functions.

Pluma draws from and applies various disciplines of spirituality, mysticism and practical movement into her courses. Her unique work is informed by a wisdom curated from years of personal and group exploration spanning a variety of yogic lineages as well as shamanic modalities which focus on the healing arts, personal development and transformational explorations. Her classes lead the practitioner on a journey towards self discovery and self mastery through an understanding of the connection between one’s personal life force and the infinite mystery.

In addition to offering a wholistic movement curriculum, which will guide each apprentice through seasonal expressions of self; Pluma will throughout this year’s program offer herself up as acoustician, songstress and overall mentor to the forms of ancient sonic medicine understood as Nãda.

Stretching beyond former associations and personal identification, Pluma has created two robust modules to further support the Divine Nourishment apprenticeship course. Participants will together and independently explore a self directed movement practice as well as learn to sing a collection of curated sacred songs from a vast array of inspired cultures and traditions.

Pluma’s experience of these expansive themes stem from early childhood influences, formal study and informal mentors along her travels across the globe and to the deep interiors of esoteric teachings. It is the intuitive spaces, she believes, which exist within us that movement and music emerge, playing an integral role in our personal transformation. Her devotion to these necessary aspects of growth led her to compile a lifetime of exposure into an accessible format that every woman will be able to tap and bathe her spirit. No matter how foreign or conceptual these realms appear to be in one’s current self reflection; Pluma is convinced that all of us have a version of self that is intricately woven together by the threads of how one moves in the world and how one’s voice is recognized.


Meet Trish Hurly

Patricia lives near Asheville, North Carolina.  She offers the ancient art of divination.  Her Elemental Divination uses shells, rocks, crystals, coins and bones on a cloth that displays the five elements of the Dagara tradition, (water, fire, earth, mineral and nature).  She studied with Malidoma Patrice Some`, a West African teacher.

Divination has been used by people since ancient times for many reasons; guidance with spiritual paths, difficult decisions, relationships, and much more.  Experiencing a divination is a beautiful empowering and healing manifestation of the spirit realm.

Patricia works as a healer using the spirit of plants to facilitate healing.  She can help you find your Spirit Animal or Plant guides through journey work.  She carries a Sacred Pipe which is used for prayer and healing.

Meet Stevie Gayle

Stevie Gayle is the alchemist & channel for Scent Alchemist Soul Essence Perfumery.  She walks a scented path, working with essences as a way to feel beauty, healing, spark joy, self care and self love. Rooted in intuitive plant communication through the ancient art and practice of perfuming and anointing, the body, mind and spirit are engaged in aligning to a higher order, restoring or maintaining peace and harmony within one’s existence at a core level.
Stevie Gayle comes with nearly 30 years of experience in working with energy medicine in practical application through massage therapy, visionary craniosacral therapy, aromatherapy, botanical perfume therapy, anointing rituals and intuitive counseling.
For a complete biography of Stevie Gayle’s journey as a healer and artist in the field of energy medicine and perfumery, see
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