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 This year’s mentorship is already in progress. Stay tuned for starting date in 2020 for next yearly cycle. If you would like to get a smaller taste of our many aspects of the mentorship we are offering short courses on our new Divine Nourishment School Site. New courses are added regularly. Visit our Divine Nourishment School site and view all the wonderful online courses we are offering. 


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Divine Nourishment mentorship supports you to remember and reintegrate the sacred language and wisdom of our Great Mother, through the reflection of the natural world. 

The ancient ancestors knew Mother Earth was a physical manifestation of divine intelligence, love, compassion, creative, sexual life force, pulsing in its never ending cycle of life and death.

Their symbiotic relationship with her was not separate from their relationship with the Divine. Through her, they experienced their direct connection in their daily lives. Their relationship with her married the sacred and mundane, the seen and unseen.

The women were highly skilled as a vessel that received divine inspiration so that it may be brought into form and experienced in our physical reality.

Moving from the energy field of a patriarchal influence that created generations of a victim, martyr reality through domination, into a frequency of co-creation with divine inspiration requires letting go of everything we have been taught about ourselves. The disconnect from our own direct divine relationship, our physical environment, our creative sexual energy, and our ability to receive, has in essence cut our society off from the Heart of life.

The pathway offered in this mentorship supports the reclamation of the ancient wisdom buried deep within us through the sacred language of our Great Mother.

    • It supports the return to a sacred relationship with Mother Earth.
    • It nourishes the unique path, gifts, and direct connection of each woman and her journey.
    • It offers tools to strengthen a woman’s essential quality as a receptive vessel.
    • It provides a container to explore both the light and shadow aspects of our relationship with our sexual, creative energy, feminine and masculine essential qualities that bring the formless into form.

This mentorship is designed to support your empowerment, free will, and listening, to your own soul’s guidance, while encouraging you to stretch into the mystery, and let go of what no longer serves you, with a solid, grounded, consistent practice infused with the sacred lost wisdom of the feminine and Mother Earth. AND CELEBRATE THE FEMININE AS WE USHER HER INTO THE WORLD!


Join us for the next year long mentorship

July 16th, 2020

June 24th, 2021




The upcoming mentorship will be an entire yearly cycle of virtual classes that focus on the foundation of integrating sacred elemental feminine wisdom into our lives.


In addition to my guidance, I have invited some apprentices who have woven this natural wisdom into their own gifts, to weave those gifts back into the program, and offer them to you. It’s a beautiful beginning of a spiral of divine co-creative energy infused with forgotten feminine language, as reflected through the natural world.

No matter where you live you will have the opportunity to attend live two hour virtual classes with interaction, or have access to the video for two weeks.

Included are smaller breakout groups within your region for more intimate attention, participation, and strengthening of a supportive circle of women, as the spiral continues. For some, this foundation is enough of a commitment financially, time, and ability to integrate into a busy life.

I have found it takes time for this lost wisdom to seep back in through the cracks as the conditioning shatters and falls away. Only you know what, and how much you can receive as it stirs your remembering.

If you find you are at a place in your life that you can dedicate more time, energy, and finances to take your journey to a depth that is beyond the foundation, there will be several extra classes, private consultations, and support offered by myself and the other teachers that are optional throughout the year. These classes will be offered in alignment with the season and elemental energy we are immersed in at the time.

Once you have done a complete round of virtual classes, as an option, there will be a retreat immersion offered on Maui during the fire element in summer in 2020 to strengthen your relationship with the fire goddess Pele. This will be followed by a retreat immersion around the following spring equinox, in 2021 in the Sacred Valley of Peru to deepen your relationship with Mama Chaska, the Incan goddess who was worshipped at the Sun Gate of Machu Picchu. These two goddesses will become your greatest allies, supporting your soul’s evolution. I have found the immersions are much more beneficial after you have had the time to embrace the ebb and flow of waves of transformation aligned with the natural world through a whole yearly cycle. They are an option offered when you can receive the most benefit from them.


What is offered within the foundational level of year long mentorship.

Two hour live virtual class every two weeks through all energetic phases and seasons for an entire year, giving you a very real experience of what it is to go through transformation aligned with the intelligence and map nature embodies. These zoom classes will be recorded so you can access them on our school site throughout the year.

Monthly breakout small intimate groups with women in your region for sharing your insights and journey of discovery as you remember, reclaim, and reintegrate a lost divine intelligence of the feminine while letting go of old conditioned structures that no longer serve you or our world. These smaller groups are designed to build a circle that can continue to be a community of sisters and support system, as each of you step deeper into the most authentic version of yourself and your gifts.


You will learn to ride the waves through every moon cycle as part of a monthly practice that begins and ends with ritual.

You will be guided to embrace the elemental qualities of each phase of the yearly cycle through the seasons on the mental, emotional, energetic, physical, and spiritual levels, and ride the larger wave of a yearly cycle embracing the death of the old, and birth of the new, as an ongoing practice in your soul’s growth, utilizing the Divine intelligence embodied within Mother Earth.

You will be supported to align and ground yourself on the wave of the seasonal map with nourishing food and cooking methods.



There will be an introductory class in SoulCollage® to support you to work with the unconscious through an artful form of discovery.

There will be an introductory class on how to weave natural feminine intelligence into the technical, and social media tools to put your gifts out into the world.

You will be supported to keep your energy balanced with elemental energy practices.



You will be given many tools, recordings, videos that infuse you with the elemental intelligence of each season.

You will be given support in understanding the energy of each moon cycle and how to use that energy to support you to transform and grow.

We will address both the light and shadow qualities and learn how to garner the wisdom from the dance between the two.

You will be given an opportunity to learn and experience a sacred song for each season

You will receive audio movement classes aligned with the energy of each season


You will learn the balancing qualities of two main goddesses that support the essence of both life and death so the evolution of our world and our souls may continue. And you will work with their qualities throughout the entire program.



There will be a class in death and dying as a sacred passage worth preparing for.

You will deepen your healing and integration of essential qualities of both the feminine, receptive, and masculine active energies that are free from the distortion through the patriarchal era. 

You will return to the sacred relationship with our Mother Earth that is desperately needed, and receive great insights on how that lack of relationship has affected you personally and the collective so you may support the healing.



By the time you have experienced the immense love, support and masterful map of transformation built into the very fabric of our world.

As you ride the waves throughout a complete yearly cycle, you will be left with the tools you need to deepen and strengthen a practice that is woven into the natural intelligence of both the seen and unseen realms. 

You will be able to open a doorway that will continue to flood you with the enormity of what that means for your personal life and your contribution to our planetary evolution.

You will no longer see yourself as separate from the natural world and the divine intelligence it holds. 

You will have the opportunity to remember the lost wisdom we once embodied and reintegrate into your personal life and our world through your own unique gifts, with the support of the authentic masculine, within and without, to bring those gifts into form.



Cost for the entire year of foundational mentorship



“From the first moment I encountered Mary, I knew that I had found true mentorship. Her courses have been miraculous and challenging, so many ‘ah ha’ moments. “Mary”, I tell people, “is the real f*cking deal”.  

Authentic mentorship is what so many of us have been yearning for and missing in our life’s work.  To know Mary is to know a part of yourself that you forgot existed and to learn from her mastery is a gift to yourself and your community that will continue to live on for generations.

Once I embarked upon the Divine Nourishment year long apprenticeship course with Mary, it was obvious I was committing to a wild sojourn and nothing short of learning how to walk again along the path. Rooted in Earth Mother’s innate wisdom, she reconnects women with the authentic nature which has been for so long stripped away from us; she redefines the pathways that all lead back to our wholeness. 

Her effective yet profound methodology offers each woman an opportunity to deepen ones understanding of riding the seasonal waves of existence through a mystical and practical lens. 

In my opinion, this is a masters course for women who are ready to integrate former lessons learned and experiences hard earned. It’s a course for those ready to intentionally work through unseen blocks while being fully supported on every level. Mary’s skillful means offers each of her mentees the encouragement in private as well as group settings to reach for the next version of themselves and become accountable for what is “mine” to do, in Hawaiian it’s called “Kuleana”. 

In this way, the natural way, we develop the maturity required to acknowledge the life we are meant to lead and then become mentors ourselves for those seeking when the time comes. 

I encourage any woman who is called to this work to contact Mary and discuss if this program is the right fit for them at this time in her life… 

For me, it has inspired and changed me and I am eternally grateful for her support and guidance at this critical time in my life.”

P L U M A  ~*~  AGE 48

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